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File your tax return with ease in Halifax

Get the freedom of filing your personal & corporate taxes from the comfort of your home at Diamond Accounts. We understand that everyone is different & thus we give special attention to your taxation needs by offering the best tax planning & preparation services in Halifax, Canada. So, save your time and money by hiring Diamond Accounts & let the best tax accountant in Halifax, Nova Scotia work for you

We are professionals having more than 10 years of experience & are serving clients from diverse industries across Canada. We work on the philosophy of making Taxation easy & accessible for everyone & thus love to go the extra mile to satisfy your tax requirements.

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What sets us apart?

There are reasons that people come to us for help.

  • We Care
    • Nothing is more important to us than the fact you get the benefit of every tax provision you deserve.
  • Quality in everything we do
    • We check and double check everything to ensure you file accurate returns and get maximum refunds.
  • Expertise
    • Our expert Tax accountant browse through hundreds of tax provisions to ensure you get the maximum refunds.
  • Personalised Experience
    • We ask simple questions about your income and then personalize your tax filing experience.
  • We speak the plain language
    • Tax is difficult to understand. We’re here to help you understand what's best for your tax health.
  • Safe and secure data
    • We take pride in protecting our Client data to the maximum extent possible.

Tax Services

Our Tax Services

  • T2 Income Tax Returns for Corporations
  • T3, T4, T5 Returns and T4 Summary
  • Self Employment Tax Filing
  • Tax Consulting
  • GST Returns and WorkSafe BC remittance
  • Tax auditing assistance and representation
  • Corporate Tax Filling



Our charges depend on the requirement of services and workload, but it would be competitive for sure. Please call us on +1 (902) 580 3321 to have a quick call to discuss your tax requirements so we can give you the best rate possible.

As per CRA, it will take 2 weeks if you file online & 8 weeks if you file a paper return.

Canada's tax system is self-reporting and the CRA simply doesn't audit every expense each taxpayer claims. Yet each year, some taxpayers do get audited and their expenses get challenged by the taxman, landing the taxpayer in Tax Court.

A few of the questions are listed below that are asked when one files a tax return.

  • How do I know if I have to file a tax return ?

  • What income does one have to pay taxes on ?

  • What filing status should one choose ?

  • Do I have any dependents ?

  • What are my tax bracket and tax rate ?

  • What tax form I have to use ?

  • Should I take the standard deduction or itemize ?

Yes, you should file your tax return even if you did not work or if you did not have any T4 (employment income). Filing Tax return each year helps you to qualify for Quarterly GST/HST benefit, which helps you accumulate tuition credits, and much more.


Our Area of Service

Incorporation Registration

Incorporation of the company is the first step and hence we provide innovative solutions to set the stage for your success.


We do more than Accounting. We take a comprehensive assessment of your finances and create a forecast through the year to keep your business in a healthy and prosperous state.

Tax Filing

Whether it’s business, personal tax return filing or GST/HST filings we provide you with full support to make tax season as easy as possible


While you look at the bigger picture, we focus on details. Hire us and never miss any financial detail.


Payroll can be complicated but working with your payroll provider shouldn’t be. Outsource your payroll today!