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Your trusted partner for all financial solutions

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Our Mission Statement is simple: delivering high-quality, effective accounting solutions. We prioritise quality over quantity every time and we take great pride in offering our customers high quality, effective accounting services which are deliberately designed to help with the real issues faced by businesses daily.

Our services are designed to equip you with a clear understanding of your finances. We will endeavour to ensure that you fully understand your Cash Flows and Balance Sheets. If you are contemplating investment for the growth of your business, we will ensure we are there by your side to assist you.

Our vision is to help you save your money. Saving money is our core principle of existence. We ensure your taxes are optimised for tax efficiency. 

We also prepare Annual Report & Accounts to take the fullest advantage of all legal tax breaks working closely with IFAs to help you reach your goals quickly and as tax efficiently as possible. We even offer free tax-saving strategies from our team and partners. 

Welcome to Diamond Accounts, part of the Diamond Group of Companies. We are a firm of accountants with vast knowledge & experience of the industry. Making us more than just accountants, we’re your strategic partner. 

Our Commitment to Excellence

“What If” Scenarios
Tax Efficiency
Grammatically Accurate

To us there is no such thing as a small client or a large client as each client is of equal value and therefore deserves our undivided attention in all respects.

Our key to success is to progress with our clients, develop for our clients and to ensure that we meet each and every need of our “Family of Clients”. We aim to never to lose a client until or unless they choose to retire or sell their businesses.