Business Registration In Halifax, NS Canada

Are you setting your new business or planning for an expansion in Canada? Then Diamond Accounts can help you to register your business. Get the best business advice in the town to grow your business immensely. It doesn’t matter whether you are into a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation; we have solutions for all. We deal in guiding our clients for choosing the on-site selection, taxation, incentives, immigration & corporate structure as well. Our motive is to make your business registration or expansion move as smooth as possible in Halifax, NS. We have been helping our people to incorporate their businesses for more than a decade. This gives us an understanding of dealing with various types of businesses & the experience to solve the hurdles that they may face during registering themselves. Finally, the best part is we are good at keeping your things secret!


We believe in serving best with modest pricing and highest quality. This package consists of following services :

New Business Registration
Register Sole Proprietorship
Register Partnership
Incorporate limited company
Business advising
Guidance and Support

Diamond Accounts is a member of Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search (NUANS). We provide :

Business Name Pre-search
Provincial NUANS Report
Federal NUANS Report
Register Business Name

Whether you are a brilliant entrepreneur with minimal business competence, or an achiever with business acumen, or just looking for a way to expand your business, we can serve each of your needs.

Don't Make These Mistakes

Most of the time business owners take the advice of their friends/relatives & go online to incorporate their businesses, but such advice may be incomplete at times. Choosing a professional for such a complicated task will reduce your stress. After all, they have hands-on experience that will let them handle any complications, if occurred.

We specialise in incorporating businesses, contact us today to do the most difficult part of the entire cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Incorporating your business makes it easy for you to understand the income status of your business, which further helps in filing taxes.
If your business is earning more than $100,000, then incorporation will probably make sense for you.
You don't often think of corporations as a one-person show, but yes, it's possible. You need to properly prepare minutes to make important decisions, and file the necessary legal documents for your incorporation.
Yes, doing so will let you pay yourself a reasonable salary & also write off the cost of giving yourself fringe benefits.
A shareholder is a person, company, or institution that owns at least one share of a company's stock, which is known as equity. As shareholders are essentially owners in a company, they reap the benefits of a business's success.